Saturday, 27 October 2012

Eat By Design: Day 24!!

wow!  I have done well (pat myself on the back)!

Well I didn't write yesterday.  It was a busy day.  I will say that I did Eat By Design all day long!

Today was a busy day too, except I got a late start to the day.  We slept in until 9:30am!  WOW!!  Hahaha. That was a nice treat.  Avery was up at 5:30am, but granny got up with her.  The downside is I missed crossfit (I didnt make it Friday night because we were still trying to get dinner made).  Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

I went shopping today.  It wasn't a great experience, but it wasn't horrible. I was hoping I would have lost some weight by the time I really needed to buy some clothes, but sadly I haven't.  I needed some decent clothes for work now that the winter seems to be setting in to I had to suck it up and buy clothes anyways.

What Did I Eat Today?
Breakfast - eggs, bacon, coffee
lunch - rotisserie chicken, plain green salad
dinner - spaghetti squash with my super sauce, roasted veggies
snacks - a few nuts
treats - red wine

How Do I Feel?
Pretty frustrated.  I've been eating well, exercising fairly regularly, and I am still not shedding the pounds.  It makes no sense.  Yes my arms and legs are toning up, but that is not my problem area.  I want my belly and love handles to disappear!!  I'm tempted to hang out with my soup diet for a few weeks.  At least I know I can kick of the lbs fast, then work on the maintenance aspect of it. BAH!  I hate being fat and I just dont understand why it just wont go away!! BAH

My Biggest Challenge Today
Eating lunch at the mall. LOL.  A day out with the family, and lunch time rolls around.  We ended up getting chicken from Swiss Chalet.  Seemed to be the most "by design" option available.

Tomorrow is a new day.  I will lose at least 10lbs before my husband returns from Nigeria!!!!



  1. Hang in there, Joanna! My suggestions with your frustrations of not losing weight seems like your body is definitely changing, but there is no way to 'spot' lose weight. In other words, your body will make changes as it does. I would also cut down on fruit intake to 1-2 servings a day if fat loss is your goal, as well as less of the EBD 'treats'. Cortisol levels, which are elevated with stress and lack of sleep makes it very difficult for the body to lose weight, so paying attention to both of those are crucial. You are on the right track...soup diet will not do anything, and it is not part of your design. I know this is a difficult paradigm for many, but remember, the choices you are now making are in line with the optimal requirements for your body. For life. And perhaps come back to our next Eat by Design seminar in our office in a few weeks. MOST people need to hear the what and why of any of the Life by Design principles several times before it really sinks in.
    You are definitely on the right track...stick with it!

    1. Thanks for your ongoing support Dr Karen! I generally only eat 1 piece of fruit per day. The next stop is cutting back on the treats. My stress levels will decrease significantly when we sell our condo in Victoria!!! Sleep, well I try as to sleep as much as I can!!