Sunday, 5 November 2017

Week 4 of Keto - My Keto Weight Loss

DISCLAIMER:  This is about my personal journey.  You may or may not think I have weight to lose, but again, this is my journey not yours.  Throughout this journey I have discovered many reasons to continue with Keto that are not weight loss related.  BUT, keto has been a  great way for me to lose weight, and discover a happier healthier me.  I know that the number on the scale does not define me, but again this is my journey, and I am just sharing my experience. I have found this to be a positive path to weight loss for me.

Woop Woop!  Week 4 of Keto in the bag and I think I am getting the hang of this! hahaha!  It is about time, well at least that is what I am thinking.  This week has been a big week for me and I have gotten over a few of the humps I was experiencing.  

Week 4 = I have been doing strict Keto/Classic Keto for 4 weeks.  I did however start "playing around" - (cooking keto) except for weekends in the beginning of September.

Keto and Weight Loss
I started looking into Keto initially for some weight loss. Many people will say "why? you don't need to lose weight?" BUT, I hide it very well.  I always wear baggy shirts that hide the areas I find undesirable. It is not until you see my before any after pictures that you can really see the difference... I'm not sure if I am ready to share the pictures... mostly because I hate the before pictures.

ANYWAYS! Back on topic.  This past year, and especially over the summer I was able to really pack on a few extra lbs.  I was at the heaviest I had ever been in August.  My friends and I tried some clean eating and calorie counting, and it worked, until I fell of the wagon and the pounds slid right back on. 

When I started "playing around" with Keto (in the beginning of September) the lbs started to slowly slide off.  My weight has always fluctuated 2-5lbs, but my low was getting lower, and my highs were soon becoming my previous lows.  Then I hit a plateau... 10 days with no movement on the scale in the right direction.  I was starting to wonder if I was doing things right and started to listen more to my Podcasts, and explore more of my social media groups.  I increased my electrolyte intake, increased my leafy greens, and my world seems to have turned around.

Over the past week I have dropped another 2lbs and reached 53% of my goal!!!! That is a grand total of 11.1lbs since September 4!

The crazy cool thing I have noticed over the past week is that my weight fluctuations are not as big.  That 2-5lbs, is really only 1-2lbs.  The best part of all of this, is I am really not on a "diet."  I am enjoying the food I am eating, and I am not restricting calories at all.

And guess what?!?! my clothes are starting to fit me again, and I am regaining the confidence to wear some of my not so baggy clothes.  My wardrobe options are suddenly expanding! haha

Anyways, that is it for this week.
Keto on!


Sunday, 29 October 2017

Keto - Week 3, and Where I've found Support

So here I am rounding out week 3 of my Keto Journey.  Things are still going pretty well - other than the running bit, although it has improved.  I am still enjoying the food.  I spent my day cooking yesterday so I am prepped for the next few weeks.  Weight loss is slow, but still heading in the right direction.  

What I have discovered on this journey is that I am doing it alone, and I really need someone to talk to and share my experiences with.  I also need to do so much more reading and learning, and its a lot to take on when you are doing it alone!  So I have looked around and found some great tools to help me out.

The Keto Diet the Complete Guide to a High Fat Diet
So this is basically my "bible" for getting started with Keto.  It is available again at Costco, and was relatively inexpensive.  This book looks at Keto from a whole foods-based, paleo friendly perspective.  It takes away the one-size fits all approach to Keto and offers a variety of different pathways so you can customize Keto for your needs. 

The book explains exactly what Keto is and what happens to your body when you switch to a fat fueled diet.  It talks about doing what works for you and what feels good for your body.  It addresses how to survive with tips on grocery shopping and how to manage Keto when you are not at home.  There is also a section on troubleshooting - what if the Keto diet isn't working, what can you do? It provides cooking tips and recipes, as well as meal plans to fit each path of the Keto diet.

The Keto Diet Podcast
So I have switched out the radio in my car, and now I am listening to the Keto Diet Podcast.  I listen to it through my iPhone, but you can also listen online here The Keto Diet Podcast
I love this.  I cannot tell you how much I have learned by listening to Leanne and her guest speakers.  (Yes I can her Leanne, because I feel like we are friends since I listen to her whenever I drive).  The podcast is amazing.  Even if you are not interested in keto, she addresses women's health, and has women talking about women's health.  You do not need to listen to the podcasts in any particular order, just find a topic that has some meaning to your life and give it a listen.

 Facebook - The Keto Diet Private Group
When you buy any of the products, or listen to the podcast, you can sign up to get access to the private Facebook group.   I signed up a few days ago and It has already given me so much support.  As soon as I joined, I posted about my difficulties with training and the responses came flying in.  It was reassuring to know that I am not the only person experiencing the "keto exercise slump," and to hear that everyone has made it out on the other side!  I have been given some tips and tricks to help with my transition to being a fat burning machine.  I have also found that reading other peoples posts and questions answers a lot of my own questions.  Its been awesome for me!  A few other podcasts have been recommended so I am looking forward to further exploring those too!

Well That's it for this week, have a great week :)

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Week 2 of Keto

Here I am.... I survived 2 weeks of Full or Classic Keto, and I have to tell you.... it is not that bad!  I actually like it.  I love the food.  I love how I feel.  I love seeing the pounds slowly fall away!  So what exactly am I doing?!?

My daily keto routine....
Breakfast: rocket fuel latte or bulletproof coffee

Lunch: one of the delicious recipes from The Keto Diet Cookbook  - it is usually a soup, one pot chicken meal, or the early morning jambalaya

Dinner: 3-4 small samples of recipes from The Keto Diet Cookbook  - I really like the variety, but I must admit that it almost always involves chicken wings - and ranch dressing.  I use my avocado oil mayo base then add the seasoning to make ranch (Add a little coconut milk, a pinch of dill, (optional: parsley and chives)  granulated garlic, onion powder, (optional: ground mustard seed, cayenne, paprika, salt and pepper) - and blend!)

You will notice that I am not eating breakfast, but don't be alarmed.  That is part of intermittent fasting (and the rules around what you can/cannot eat vary during a fast).  I will fill you in more later.

So I mentioned I liked  how I am feeling... so how is that?
Great!  I have much  more energy for my day to day routines and activities.  I'm not having the 2-3pm crash. Even without breakfast. My mind feels clearer, and when I sit down to get some work done, I can really get it done.

I don't think about my next meal all day long, or when I can eat my snack (most days I don't even bother).  I eat when I am hungry, or when its time to eat with the family.  If I miss a meal, it is not the end of the world, and I don't really struggle with hunger.  The best part is, I don't overeat later in the day when I have missed a meal.

My last post I had talked about how running sucks - well it still does
Running is still a little tricky for me.  My legs are feeling heavy, and my runs are taking a lot of energy!  I've been super frustrated with running, and not really been super motivated to get out an run either.  Only running once a week doesn't help.

Because Keto is making me feel better in everyday life, I do not want to give it up because my running sucks.  I'll just have to change my running to fit my keto diet.  

So what does that mean?  It means I've changed my plan.  I've decided to back off running a bit.  Taking it down to shorter runs until I get comfortable and get my groove back.  I've changed the settings on my watch, so now my focus is to just run. No intervals, no times, no goals, just running. I will push my body to where my body feels it can be pushed on that day.  I have taken all pace goals, and race goals out of the equation.  I just need to run, and get my legs back without any pressure to perform.  The key is to find a positive in every run I do.

So basically.... I am sticking to my Classic Keto lifestyle, at least for another week.  As I continue to learn the ins and outs of Keto, I will take it week by week and make modifications when and where I feel the need to.

Stay tuned,