Monday, 16 April 2012

Busy Isn't Just For The Bees!!

Wow!!  I have not written a post in over a week.  Can you say busy?!?!

My parents are in town for two weeks, and last week my friend and her 4 month old daughter also came to visit.  My parents have the babies room, my friend and her baby had our room and we were banished to the couch! LOL! Honestly no complaints though, it was lovely to have them around.  Certainly made me realize I don't miss the tiny baby phase!

What's going on in our house (besides visitors, and day to day chores):
- I finally finished the invitations for Avery's 1st Birthday party.
- We celebrated a mini birthday on Saturday with my parents
- running is still going sort of strong
- baking the cakes for the grand cake
- molding the figures for the grand cake
- not my diet! (I have really fallen of the wagon with this one and I feel horrible for it)
- I go back to work next Tuesday!! YIKES!!

What still needs to be finished in our house:
- the grand cake! lol
- gift bags need decorating (of course i bought plain bags thinking i had plenty of time)
- cookies need baking and decorating
- food preperation for the party
- thank you cards need making
- the diet the diet the diet!!

I have a few new recipe posts I hope to get done in the next few days or so, I will post the invitations and cake too (when finished).  I promise I will get it all done!!

Stay Busy!!