Sunday, 2 June 2013

Paleo Sweet and Sour Chicken

mmmmmmm!  Another delicious night in our house!!  Can't believe I managed to get it all done today either.  Avery has not been sleeping well lately.  Last night she started getting up at 1:30am, and was up for the day by 3am.  Her daddy and I slept ion and off in shifts.  Needless to say, nobody got a very good nights sleep.  I had a 10km run this morning, so I was less than rested for that.  I hoped that after a morning of playing with her buddies she would nap well.  Of course that didnt happen.  She slept for 5, maybe 10 minutes.  The rest of the day was a gong show.  Tears and complaints at every corner!

Regardless, I had bought chicken, and I planned on making dinner today!!!  Sweet and Sour chicken with riced cauliflower were on the plans.  Then I decided to add sweet potato shrimp cakes to the menu.

The sweet and sour chicken was pretty easy, and deliciously tasty.  The flavor of the sauce was delicious, although I was not a huge fan of the texture (I'm a huge texture person).  I felt that the coconut flour broke away from the chicken too much and made the sauce "gritty" for lack of a better word.  My husband loved it, he didn't notice the texture.  Next time I will fry the chicken and cook the sauce separately and add the sauce to the chicken just before serving.

Riced Cauliflower, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Smokey Shrimp, Sweet Potato Shrimp Cakes

1.  3-4 boneless chicken breasts  (I used four)
2.  salt & pepper, to taste  (hmmmm, I think I forgot this)
3.  2/3 cup of coconut flour
4.  2 egg whites
5.  1/4 cup coconut oil

Sweet and Sour Sauce:
1.  3/4 cup honey
2.  4 tbs ketchup (I made the ketchup)
3.  1/2 cup vinegar
4.  1 tsp garlic powder

1.  Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Cut chicken into cubes.
2.  Mix the salt and pepper in with the coconut flour.  yep, i didnt fo this
3.  Dip the chicken pieces in the egg and then lightly coat in the coconut flour

4.  Heat your 1/4 cup oil in a large skillet and cook your chicken until browned but not cooked through. I found that I had to keep changing the oil out.  Coconut oil burns quickly, and the stowaways (coconut flour) from the chicken burnt pretty quick 5.  Place the chicken in a 9x13 greased baking dish. Mix all of your sweet and sour sauce ingredients in a bowl and then pour evenly over the chicken. Bake for 30 minutes and during the baking process you will need to turn the chicken every 10 minutes.

We really enjoyed the meal, but as I mentioned, I would cook the chicken through, then add it to the sauce.

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Happy Cooking!