Sunday, 28 October 2012

Eat By Design: Day 25

25 days, and I indulged a little.... I had a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks. BAD ME! LOL

I went to Crossfit this morning, and it was choose your benchmark day.  I did Helen.  Its the same workout I did the last time I was there for choose your benchmark, except today I was on the airdyne bike and not running.  WOW! I suck at the airdyne bike! lol.  Terrbile.  My WOD was bike for 50 calories, 21 kettlebell swings at 35lbs, and 12 pull ups.  I suck at pull ups, I still have my foot in the giant rubber band.  I also realized I'm not very "fit."  That bike almost killed me.

As you all know I am frustrated with my weight loss, or lack of it.  I was chatting to my Crossfit coach about it.  He said it may take some time, but by body composition is probably changing.  We talked about running, and I told him that I know if I started running that the weight would start to fall off.  I know running long distances are not ideal, but he said if I am running 5km, and I am not doing every day, I will be ok.  

I've decided running is what I need to do.  I enjoy running.  I like the competitiveness I build within myself.  I like the quiet time with me and the road.  I am a runner, I was born a runner, and I always will be a runner.  I competed in my first race at 7 years old.  I ran competitively for 14 years.  It seems natural to me.  I know that long repetitive runs are not great for you, but that is not my plan.  My plan for now is 5km.  I probably can't even run 5km right now.  I would be happy if I could make it 2km without stopping!!  Running is also something I can do before work.  I like a workout before work, and I have not yet convinced Crossfit Edmonton to have a 5am class! LOL

So what did I do today.... convinced my husband we needed a trip to Lemons  (aka lululemon) so I (he) could buy some winter running pants, gloves and an ear warmer.  I almost bought some hunter boots while we were shopping, but they were sold out of the smokey grey :-(

My plan is Tuesday/Thursday mornings to start. If I dont crossfit on a sat or sun I will go for a run.  I feel better having a plan, and a plan I know I will have success with!

Oh Yes, I am also giving up red wine, bacon and nuts for the month of November.  I have scheduled a cheat day so I can attend a wine party.

What Did I Eat Today?
breakfast - coffee
lunch - spaghetti squash and sauce, roasted veggies
dinner - crab cakes, snow crab legs, roasted veggies  
treats - red wine

How do I feel?
Better.  I have a plan.  Running always helps me shed lbs.

My Biggest Challenge?
Today I decided to make homemade mayonnaise so I could make crab cakes.  This is not an easy task.  My first batch was disgusting.  My next 2 didnt turn out and the 4th wasnt so tasty.  BAH!  What an expensive experiment! I threw away at least 2 cups of Olive Oil today. YIKES.  We used the last batch anyways to make the crabcakes, I threw in some "slap chopped" red pepper, coconut flour, smoked paprika and cayenne pepper... and they were pretty good!!!

If anyone has a good homemade mayonnaise recipe please share it with me!!



  1. Running is fine at small distances. Think intensity, and from your track days-intervals, tempo runs. I'd still really encourage you to really increase your protein intake to help with some of your weight loss frustrations, and just as it's part of our design to consume lots of protein. Keep at're moving in the right direction, Joanna! This is a process, not a destination:)

    1. Thanks for your continuous support!! I really appreciate it. I am trying to increase my protein as much as I can tolerate!! I've never been a big meat eater, or lover of eggs!!!