Thursday, 1 November 2012

Eat By Design: Day 29

Wow wow wow!!  Only 1 more day to go!!  Can you believe that it has already been 29 days??  I sure can't!!

Today was a long day.  I was at the chiropractor at 7:30am.  I spent the morning at my school in Claireview, went to the office for a few hours, then off to the west end for a meeting at another school, that lasted until 4pm.  All that driving, especially in this weather, makes for a very tiresome day.  It doesn't help that I was up with Avery again at 4am.... silly baby.  She needs to get back to her good sleeping habits! I'm just exhausted.  4 Nights in a row without a full nights sleep, it is really taking its toll on me.

What did I eat today?
Breakfast - coffee, eggs and salsa
lunch - sphagetti squash and ragu sauce (it was all we had in the house)
Dinner - roasted veggies, rotisserie chicken
Snack - handful of nuts
Treats - dark chocolate, red wine

How Do I Feel?
Other than being exhausted, I feel pretty good.  Today I was yawning all day long, but generally, even when I am not getting great sleep, I am not feeling the fatigue until I come home and sit home, which is great!

My Biggest Challenge today?
Making my lunch.  My Father-in-Law has been visiting us, and so we have been eating out a bit.  I haven't bought any groceries and I haven't done any shopping.  When it came time time to make my lunch I was kind of at a loss.  I grabbed some Ragu (not ideal, but not the worst thing I could have chosen) and poured it over some spaghetti squash and packed it up!!  It was tasty.

See you on day 30!!


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