Monday, 22 October 2012

Eat By Design: Day 19

Yep! 19 days and counting!!  

I made a commitment that I would go to Crossfit this evening and I did!!  Every inch of my body feels it, and not one inch of me regrets it!! 

It was honestly a tough choice to make!  My BFF invited me to a movie premiere, that sounded like fun!  My mom went, so I am sure she will fill me in.  After dinner I was tired and got in the "I'm tired funk."  Today My hubby was very supportive and told me to just go and do the best I can. I'm so happy he pushed me to go.  I loved my time there, and feel great for going!!

What Did I Eat Today?
Probably a few too many treats, but I am so enjoying them I'm over treating myself! LOL
Breakfast - coffee, salsa, mushroom, egg scramble
snack - blackberry squares, mixed nuts
Lunch - butter chicken with spaghetti squash
Snack - apple
Dinner - roasted veggies, spicy chicken sausage
Snack - blackberry squares, nuts, chocolate.

When I look back at what I ate today, I sure did eat a LOT!  I will not eat this much tomorrow!!

How Do I Feel?
A little bloated today, but I have eaten a lot of nuts and they tend to do that to me.  There is almond flour in some of the treats, so that is something I am going to have to keep an eye on.

My Biggest Challenge?
Obviously managing how many treats I am eating!  I went a little overboard today.  I have been so long without treats, I think I may have over indulged, but it is  ok.  I will find a balance!

Today after Crossfit I had a chat with some of my fellow crossfitters who are also doing the challenge.  It was nice to chat to some people who are going through the challenge.  They shared some of the blogs they read, some of the recipes that they like, and some of the challenges they have.

I must get ready for my day tomorrow and rest!!


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