Thursday, 25 October 2012

Eat By Design: Day 22!!!

22 days and still going strong!!  Yup Yup!

What a long day!  I started with my chiropractor at 7:30am, I worked 2 grade 1 classes on the southside (Millwoods), I went to the office (Goldbar area), then to family programming at one of my schools (Claireview area), didn't reach home until 5:30pm!  Of course it was speedy dinner then off to try and sort out insurance for the car.

Why are insurance companies such butt heads.  I get my abstract from ICBC (who insured me based on my abstract from California), yet the still need me to collect more information from California.  Why are there no mutual agreements between provinces?  It makes no sense!! UGH!!

I am treating myself to a glass of wine this evening!

What did I eat today?
Breakfast - coffee, bacon, and my scramble
Lunch - roasted veggies and avocado
Dinner - roasted veggies and chicken
treats - wine and dark chocolate

How Do I Feel?
Other than the stress of my condo not selling, and the house we are trying to get having lots of action.... oh, and the stress and frustration of obtaining car insurance.... I am feeling pretty good!!!

My Biggest Challenge Today?
Managing my stress levels and not freaking out. I don't deal with stress very well.  Lucky for me I have an amazing husband who can handle my freak outs pretty well.  He is super calm.  I tend to be a little on the anxious side on a good day, so when I get stressed out, he is just the medicine I need!!

See you on day 23!!  Only 1 week to go until it is a lifestyle not a challenge!!


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