Sunday, 21 October 2012

Eat By Design: Day 18

Yep, that's right!  Day 18!!

 Yes, peek inside my 18th day of eating by design!  What did I do today?  Well, we went to Hawrelak park to play, we went to the dollar store (riviting I know ;-)), we did a drive by to stalk the house we have the offer on, and we took Avery to the park at the splash park.  It was a good day.  The fresh air did Avery the world of good!

Much better than our night!  Avery had a very very high fever 38.5C.  That's hot!  I got some tylenol in her and the fever finally broke.  At about 11pm she woke up upset, i brought her out of bed, and she puked EVERYWHERE!! Several times, it was disgusting, and I was covered in it.  Poor baby.  It seemed to turn things around for her though.  I had a rough night though, I slept on the couch with the baby monitor so I could be closer to her just in case.  (she sleeps downstairs)  couch sleeping is never fun!

What did I eat today? - deliciousness all day long!!
Breakfast - coffee, pumpkin muffins
Lunch - butter chicken and spaghetti squash (I made lots so I have lots of left overs)
Dinner - butter chicken, spagetti squash and spicy chicken sausage
Snacks - handful of mixed nuts
Treats - Paleo blackberry squares (made with coconut flour, coconut and almond milk)

How do I feel?
Great!  Well obviously tired after a rough night, but not so tired I cannot function.  My belly feels good, I'm loving my meals, and now I have discovered baking?!?!  LOL.  I love to bake, so testing out some of these recipes is a lot of fun for me.  I am very surprised at the results too!!

What is my biggest challenge?
Exercise seems to be my biggest challenge right now!  I have not been to Crossfit in over a week!!  Life gets in the way and then you lose the routine.  Tomorrow I plan on getting back into the groove. My mom is here to help our with the baby, so it is easier to get out of the house.  I need to get back to at least 3 days a week.  I love goings, so I have no excuses for not getting my butt there!!

Hold me accountable.... Crossfit tomorrow evening 7pm!!


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