Saturday, 20 October 2012

Eat By Design: Day 17

Wow!  17 days!  (yes I missed my day 16 blog, but be assured that i did stick to my challenge!)

Today has been a lazy sort of day.  Avery has been running a fever on and off and hasn't eaten much today.  Poor baby.  The only thing we did today was some grocery shopping, and my poor baby really didn't enjoy that.

Today I did do some very exciting experiments in the kitchen.  I made bacon wrapped egg muffins, ketchup, pumpkin muffins and butter chicken.  All pretty delicious, and all abiding by my Eat By Design rules!  I also tried making some mayonnaise, but that did not work out at all.

What Did I Eat Today?
Breakfast - coffee, bacon wrapped egg muffins filled with mushrooms and bacon and topped with salsa
Lunch - I missed lunch, we had a late breakfast, and then I got busy
Snacks - pumpkin muffins
Dinner - spaghetti squash seasoned with indian masala seasoning, and butter chicken (made with coconut milk/cream instead of yogurt)

How Do I Feel?
Physically I feel pretty good.  I am sad for my baby though.  Poor little thing!

My Biggest Challenge?
Today has been a good day.  I cannot select anything that was particularly challenging today.  I enjoyed cooking and testing out some new recipes!!

Will post again soon (hopefully some recipes) my baby is calling me!


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