Thursday, 18 October 2012

Eat By Design: Day 14

14 Days - 2 weeks!!  It feels pretty normal!

Today has been another one of those days that I sat on my rear end "listening" and not eating catered food.  Grade 1 callbacks - meetings and PD with our Grade 1 teachers, and as usual, our lovely office caters breakfast and lunch!  I brought my own lunch, and I enjoyed it.

Right after work we hopped on the road to Calgary.  Over the next two days I will be attending the Alberta College of Speech Pathology and Audiology Conference (ACSLPA).  I anticipate some challenges with Eating By Design, but I will do the best I can.

What Did I Eat Today?
Breakfast - coffee, salsa egg scramble
Lunch - roasted red pepper soup, apple
dinner - omelette, sweet potato fries (not ideal I know)
snacks - pistachios
Treats - dark chocolate

How Am I Feeling?
Pretty good!  I seemed to have kicked the tired bug in the butt.  I am tired, it is 9:30pm, but I don't feel totally drained.

What was my biggest challenge today?
Where does one "Eat by Design" when they are on the road?  I figured my safest bet was breakfast for dinner.  Any ol' diner will do for that.  I had an omelette, and I ordered it minus the cheese.  4-5 bites in I realized that there was cheese in my omelette, so I sent it back.  I am sure i had a bite or two of cheese, but I think I will survive ;-)

Let's hope the next few days are easy enough for me to find some "By Design" meals!!


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