Monday, 15 October 2012

Eat By Design: Day 12

If it were December.... it would be Christmas!!!  One the 12th day of eat by design..... ;-)

Tired is the word of the evening.  My mom arrived late last night, and we visited with my cousin (who had dropped her off).  Then I was up for a chiropractic appointment at 7am.  Screenings at my first school.  Off to the next site, activities in both my kindergarten classes, an activity in the 100 voices class, starting to screen the grade 1's, meeting with the teacher, and by the time I got home from Millwoods it was 5pm.  THANKFULLY, I have an amazing husband (who was probably nagged by my mother), but dinner was ready when I came home. 

Have I told you lately that I hate working full time?  I like my job, just wish I could do it part time.  10am-2pm would do me good. (One Day!) I got home and I was drained, so no working out for me tonight.  Hopefully I can make it happen tomorrow.

I realized that 7am is too early to go to the chiropractor.   It would mean I would have to go home to take Ave to daycare, and that just seems silly.  I will not go at 7:30am on my way out of town.  Much better idea.  I love adjustments.  I'm excited to have a straight back and for my neck to bend back the right way!

So What Did I Eat Today?
Breakfast - coffee, salsa egg scramble
Lunch - roasted red pepper and butternut squash soup, apple
Dinner - salmon, roasted veggies
Snacks - almonds
Treats - red wine ;-)

How Do I Feel?
Tired, but still feel pretty good.  I am tired because I didn't have a good nights sleep, and I had a busy day at work.  It was not until I got home and sat on the couch that the tired took over.  I wasn't yawning and sluggish all day.  I was yawning with a pep in my step. LOL

What Was My Biggest Challenge?
I forgot my lunch today.  My challenge, was do I go back home and risk being a few minutes late to work, or do I go without lunch?  I decided that I needed to go back for my lunch.  I can't just run out and grab a bite to eat, and I look forward to my lunch break.  I am glad I went back, because my soup was absolutely DELICIOUS!!! (I will try to post the recipe I used)

I forgot to wear it today... I was so bummed out :-(

Early night for me tonight!

See you on Day 13!!


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