Thursday, 18 October 2012

Eat By Design: Day 15

Day 1 of week 2.... and yes, I am STILL alive!

Today I spent the day listening to Alex Dunn discuss Smart Inclusion:  Mainstream (iPad, SMART Technology) and Assistive Technology as a Part of a Universal Design for Learning Toolkit.  Quite honestly I was a little disappointed.  The first half of the morning I felt was pushing inclusion, I work in a strictly inclusive setting.  The afternoon discussed some research, and that sent me right to sleep.  I was hoping for some more hands on, examples I could apply to my practice.  The speaker was great, she had a lot of passion and a lot of energy.  I just wanted more.

Once again I was at a place where food was catered.... unfortunatlelyt I was not in a place where I could make my own meals!! AGH!  

The best part of my day... My hubby and I went out to dinner.... ALONE!  We didnt have to rush, we could go to a "grown up" restaurant... and we could sit in the bar because we didnt want to wait for the dining room.  After some research of menus, I figured The Keg was our best option!  It was also absolutely DELICIOUS!!

What I ate Today?
Breakfast - Hotel Buffet - coffee, bacon, scrambled eggs, fruit
Snacks - coffee, fruit
Lunch - lettuce with nothing on it (disgusting)
Dinner - bacon wrapped scallops, creole chicken (with scallops and shrimp) and grilled veggies 
Treats - dark chocolate, and plenty of red wine... after all, its date night ;-)

How Do I Feel?
Frustrated with the limited options of food.  I suppose I could have ordered a special diet, but I registered for the conference a long time ago and it never crossed my mind.  BUT, if I told them I needed a grain free, sugar free, un-processed, dairy free option, I am sure they would have been at a loss of what to feed me.  I am not sure if they would even accomodate such a request.

I should have gone to the restaurant in the hotel and ordered something I could eat, but that is a lesson I learned for tomorrow.  I was soooooooo hungry by the end of the day!!

My Biggest Challenge?
Despite difficulties with lunch, I find the most challenging thing is the question "what are you going to do when the 30 days are up?"  The honest truth is I dont know.  I really want to see how I feel at the end of the 30 days.  My ultimate goal is to keep it up.  I feel good, and 90% of the time it is really not that hard.  I had a delicious dinner.  I can't guarentee that my meal was 100% by design, I didnt make it myself, but it was pretty close.  Protien and veggies. No cooking, and no cleaning up!!!! LOL!!

I'm off to hang out with my favorite guy!


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  1. Joanna-still loving your blog, and I commend your ongoing commitment. Awesome!
    It's interesting that you are asked about what you'll do once the challenge is over. And like most people who start this as a 'challenge', they soon start to experience the difference in how they feel and perform in life, and start to see Eat by Design as a lifestyle. And remember, the goal is to eat 80% of the time or greater Eat by Design. That in itself is a huge accomplishment. Remember to celebrate and focus on that vs. the off track choices.
    And you'll start to discover how much you'll really prefer to eat at home-easier, you know what's in it, you enjoy it more because you made it, and you don't have to worry about special ordering your food.
    Great job!!!!