Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Eat By Design: Day 20

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit... Almost there!!!!!

Today was a pretty typical day... well maybe not.  I had MDT (multi-disciplinaryteam) meetings all day.  Sooooo, that meant sitting on my butt for 6 hours straight discussing the needs of the kiddos with their teachers.  I took some of my "paleo pumpkin muffins" for everyone, and they were a HUGE hit.  My co-workers were impressed with how moist the muffins were, and how tasty they were without using any of the traditional ingredients!  Yay me!

My co-workers often comment on how delicious my lunches look and smell.  That is usually followed up with comments along the lines of "i couldn't give up bread", or "I love dessert too much."  One meal at a time I say.  Make one small substitution and see how it goes.  It's really not bad, I love my  meals, and I am not really missing any particular food.  UNLESS, it is right under my nose. LOL

What Did I Eat Today?
Breakfast - coffee, and my famous scramble
snack - blackberry square
lunch - roasted veggies
snack - mixed nuts
dinner - roasted veggies with sun-dried tomatoes with shrimp

How Do I Feel?
Today I feel pretty good.  It was a rough night with the baby, but I am still feeling ok physically.  I wish I could have stayed home with my little girl today.  She has not been feeling well the past few days, and last night was a bad night.  All she wanted was to cuddle with mommy and daddy, and I had to try and sleep as much as possible so I could get to work today.  Daddy took her to the Dr, and gave her all the cuddles she needed. Boo to working full time.

What was my biggest challenge?
Today it was not being able to be with my baby when I knew she needed me, or rather, I needed to be with her. I miss her so much, and even more so when she is not well.

Until day 21, where eating by design will be a habit ;-)


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