Sunday, 30 September 2012

Eat By Design - 30 Day Challenge!

Today Deanne and I attended a seminar "Eat By Design" After attending this seminar we have both signed up to participate in the Eat By Design 30 Day Challenge!

What the heck does this mean??

Eat by design is a part of the Live by Design life style.  It combines eating well (by design), Move by Design (exercising), think by design (having a positive outlook).  This concept, way of life, was created by a chiropractor, so ongoing chiropractic care to ensure your nervous system is in tact is also recommended.

Apparently this lifestyle combination is very popular with Crossfitters.  Which is how I found out about it.  So they have me sold on the exercise by design, and I am working on testing out the eating by design.

"Eat By Design is not a diet.  it is an approach to fulling one of the basic essentials to health.  Quality nutritional building blocks."

I think the premise behind the diet is that our body cannot breakdown and utilize grains.  This includes wheat, barley, rice, and legumes.  In our bodies efforts to breakdown these components it stresses itself, begins to breakdown, and toxins are thus released into our bloodstream.  These toxins effect people in different ways.  Some individuals are plagued with things as serious as autoimmune disease, to celiac disease.  Others just experience gluten intolerance or leaky gut syndrome.  Some people just feel tired, lethargic, or depressed.

I dont remember all the scientific mumbo-jumbo, but with any diet trying to convince you their way is best, they had a lot of strong evidence to support themselves.  It made sense, so I figure I should at least give it a try and see how I feel.  It's only 30 days so I know it wont kill me ;)

So what can I eat?
- PROTEIN - beef, pork, turkey, fish, eggs, and chicken 
- VEGETABLES - limit starchy veggies like potatoes, they are best 30 min after a workout.  Like most diets the more color and variety the better.
- FRUIT - if you want to lose weight, then limit your fruit intake, it does contain sugar, otherwise enjoy a piece or two a day
- NUTS - great source of protein and healthy fats (peanuts are not nuts)
- FAT - coconut oil, olive oil are great sources
- DAIRY - limit your intake, and stick to full fat dairy and hard cheeses
- EXTRAS - herbs/spices, salt, hot sauce, salsa, red wine/balsamic vinegar, pesto and red wine (my favorite part)

There is a lot of variety that you can eat with meat and vegetables.  You can eat BACON, BACON, BACON!! Curry is still a great easy option, coconut milk is ok.  The combinations are endless, it is just time to get creative!

I am not saying this is going to be easy, it is going to be anything but!!!!  On that note, I will give it my best shot and share yet another journey with you... so stay tuned.  It officially starys October 4, but I am getting myself "in the zone" and weening out some of those undesirable foods!

Happy Eating!!


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