Thursday, 4 October 2012

Eat By Design: Day 1

Well.... I survived!!  

hahahaha only 29 days to go!!

Eating the right things is the easy part, its knowing that I cannot eat the bad things that is the challenging part.  I haven't been eating most of the "not by design" food all week, but it was not until the rule "that i can't eat those foods" was put in place that I actually wanted them.

I started day one out with a trip to Synergy Family Wellness Center at 6:50 AM!!!  BIG NEWS!!  I made and ate breakfast before I went!!!!  For those of you who know me this is VERY VERY early for me to be functioning, as well as out and about. YIKES!  

Why the heck am I going to the chiropractor at 6:50 in the morning??
They offered a special at the seminar for individuals to go and have a complete assessment of their nervous system done.  I always like a good deal so when they said it was only $20 I couldn't turn it down!  If I am going to eat by design, I may as well look into the rest of their philosophy over the next 30 days and see if it is a good fit for me.  SIDE NOTE: the $20 I paid for my assessment is being donated to the St Albert Food Bank.... great cause!

I am attending a seminar (with my husband) next Wednesday so he can better understand what I am doing. Love that they are including my family in the process!

So what did I eat today?

Breakfast: coffee, salsa and egg scramble
Lunch: homemade sweet potato and cauliflower soup, almonds
Dinner: chicken, banana peppers and mushrooms with roasted veggies

My Biggest Challenge of the Day?

I am making chocolate cupcakes (my favorite double chocolate pound cake recipe) with chocolate butter cream for a baby shower at work tomorrow... do you have any idea how difficulty it is to not lick your fingers?!?!?!  

How Am I feeling?

Well, I am pretty sure I saw red wine on the shopping list, so I am having a glass of that.  Its been a long busy day, and I can't eat cake.... other than that, I feel almost like I do any other day.  Only today, I feel just a little bit better because I made it through day 1!!

Throughout this challenge you will hear me talking about Eat by Design, Move By Design, Think By Design.  If you have questions, I can try to answer, or you can go to the source that is providing me with all of my information (you will probably hear me talking a lot about them too) you can also follow the challenge via their facebook page

Until Tomorrow!!



  1. Awesome start, Joanna! Love your honesty. Yes, some think it's hard, but really, the more people keep with it, the most common thing I hear is..."It wasn't hard at all!" Keep with it, and look forward to keep reading your blog posts!