Friday, 5 October 2012

Eat By Design: Day 2

Wooooo!! I made it through another day!! (with the assistance of a glass of wine - and yes it is red)

Well yesterday I survived making the cupcakes, today was the "farewell" to our co-worker who is going on maternity leave.  Not only was there cupcakes (my favorite ones), but there was cookies, and bars, and chips, and hummus..... all things once delicious!  The good news? I did not eat any of it, and someone thoughtful brought fruit and veggies, so even I got a treat too!  I really would have loved to have eaten a cupcake, especially when everyone was telling me how delicious they were, but I can't break down this early in the challenge!!

What Did I Eat?
Breakfast - salsa, banana pepper, and egg scramble, bacon, coffee
lunch - sweet potato and cauliflower soup
dinner - rotisserie chicken, roasted vegetables and beets
snacks - almonds, carrots, fruit
treats - red wine

My Biggest Challenge of the day?
Surprisingly it is not saying no to the cakes and treats.  It is the same as yesterday.  Not sampling food. I never eat what I cook for my husband and daughter, but I always taste it.  I am stopping myself as it goes into my mouth.... it will get easier. I think it is more habit than a desire to eat the food.

How Do I feel?
I managed to wake up early and get ready for work.  I was on a role! Then, just before lunch, I got the most horrific stomach cramps.  I went to the bathroom and all I will tell you is I was not happy.  I was sweating, I felt light headed, I was shaking, it felt like I had the stomach flu.  After about 10 minutes I felt fine. Strangest thing, so I ate my lunch and went on with my work day.  

My original intention for the evening was to go to Crossfit, but when I got home from work I was just exhausted.  I rested for about 30 min, made dinner and settled with a glass of wine instead.  Not ideal, but it is life.  I am still adjusting to working full time, juggling my home life and my exercise.  I need to find a balance, but hopefully on this journey I get closer to finding that balance.

Only 28 Days to go!!


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  1. Awesome day 2, Joanna! THe question is...does it end after 28 days? No need to answer now, you can decide that on November 2nd;)