Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I'm Eating Everything In The House!!


I did think about ordering a pizza when I got home from Crossfit though. LOL (but for the record I didnt)

Tomorrow starts my 30 day Eat By Design challenge.  I will be surviving on protein, veggies, fruit, and nuts. No bread, cheese, hummus, and most importantly, none of my lovely cakes and absolutely delicious baking experiments!!  YIKES!!  What have I gotten myself into?!?!

I tell myself it is only 30 days.  I can do anything for 30 days.  If I can soup diet for 30 days, I can do this for 30 days.... easy peasy!! This is so much less restrictive than the crazy soup diet!  

You may be asking if the whole family is joining me on this journey, and the answer is no.  I will be more conscious of what I am making them, and cut back a little on pasta and rice etc., but I wont be taking it away from them.  Whether or not my family tries this "lifestyle" change depends on how I feel when I am done my 30 days.   (so stay tuned)

What I think will be easy for me over the next 30 days:
- Eating lots of veggies -  I already do this!
- trying out new recipes and being creative ( I will try to blog all the recipes I try)

What I think will be challenging for me over the next 30 days:
- not having my fat free french vanilla coffee mate in my coffee
- not eating hummus - i love the stuff on raw veggies
- not sampling things if I bake, or things I cook for the family (you know, eating a piece of pasta to make sure its cooked)
- not eating the babies food as she is shoving it in my mouth (LOL)
- being prepared so there is always something i can eat in the house (that is not too much work)

How do you think I am going to do?!?!?!

Wish me luck!!


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