Monday, 17 September 2012

I'm a Big Kid Now!

Well I finished my intro Crossfit class... and today I took my first "big kid" class!  I have to admit I was terrified to go.  I was also exhausted and debated not going... BUT.....

I could not have said it better myself!!  Class today was great... I went tired, I left full of beans.  We did some great strength training with 5x10 front squats, and the WOD was 21-15-9 pull-ups, sit-ups, HR push-ups. Craziness!! It looks so easy on paper, and only took 8 minutes to complete, but WOW.  I struggled through it, and I sure can feel it.  I LOVE IT!!

I can't do a single pull-up without help.  I use the thickest support band, and I am using it on my feet.  My abs struggle through every single sit up.  I can barely do 20 regular sit-ups.  I have to do ladies push-ups, and towards the end I could barely do those!  None of this matters, it still hurts, and I still LOVE IT!

Yesterday I weighed in at -6lbs, and I lost a few more inches throughout the body.  I still can't see any of it.... but it will come!!

Happy Sweating!


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