Sunday, 9 September 2012

A Week Of New Beginnings!!

Wow! It has been quite a week with lots of new changes!  Avery started daycare, I started my new job, I started Crossfit, and I finally got back on the wagon to get back into pre-baby shape! 

Tuesday was Avery's first day at her day home.  She goes to Adventure Collegiate Dayhome.  You can follow her blog at .  So far she is LOVING it.  They go out every day, they do arts and crafts, they are busy, busy, busy.  Just what Avery needs to be.  I get daily texts/picture updates on how she is doing, and she brings home her journal with a breif about what she ate, how she slept and what they did! Its perfect!

Tuesday was also my first day at my new job, well technically we started the week before, but that was just orientation and meetings so that really doesn't count!  I am now working for Edmonton Catholic Schools as a Speech and Language Pathologist with the Genesis Early Learning Center.  I am really excited about the job, and I am excited to jump in next week!

Yes... this week I got back to the diet and exercise too.  Starting again from scratch, but I must say "this is the last time i am starting over, because this time I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!!!"

Monday I started Crossfit.  I have joined Crossfit Edmonton (which is actually in St Albert)  So far I am LOVING it!  I have attended 3 sessions and they are becoming increasingly more difficult, but I so appreciate the fact they are teaching us how to do each of the exercises correctly.  So critical in such a high intensity activity!

Monday I also started to eat a healthier more well balanced diet with the intention of losing the last 5 or so pounds that have now become 20!  I am back to my master plan which I wrote about a few months ago

Last week I stepped on the scales and took all my measurements.  I am happy to say today that some of the numbers have shrunk, and I am -3pounds!  Not bad for a weeks work!!!!! (I even ate a little cake :-) )

Here's to another successful week! I hope to add at least 2 runs in this week!


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