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Yesterday the discussion/presenter before our run was supposed to be discussing motivation.  He probably needs to lecture himself a little because he was not motivated enough to show up for our clinic!  One of the clinic leaders spoke briefly on the topic, and he asked the group for their ideas on how to stay motivated.  This really got me thinking. What is that I do now to motivate myself to do my homework runs and push myself? What can I do to keep myself motivated to run after the clinic ends?  What can I do to help others either get motivated or stay motivated?

What Motivates Me Now?
Mostly it is knowing I meet my clinic group for a run and Sunday, and I want to be able to keep up with them.  I mentioned in a previous blog that I use the Nike + GPS app to track my runs.  On Nike + you can set goals for yourself too. I have goals to increase the number of runs I do, increase the number of calories I burn, increase my mileage, and increase how many runs I complete with an average goal pace.  I check my progress regularly to make sure I am not falling behind.  Currently it is informing me that I am 16.27km behind my my goal of running 100km in 4 weeks.  

Another big motivator for me is weight loss, and my love for dessert and delicious foods.  I am still trying to shed the last 5-7 vanity pounds of my baby weight.  The only way I can indulge in a guilt free meal is by burning those calories running. I use the myfitnesspal app to track my calorie intake, and how many calories I burn exercising.  It's a lot of work, but so worth it! I have the app on my phone, but you can also do it online

What Will I Do To Keep Myself Motivated?
This is a biggie.  I have along history of giving up on running once I have run the 10km, so what will  I do to stay motivated to run?  My plan is to continue signing up for races.  Not picking a race in 6 months to run, but races every month or two.  I will continue to set goals for myself on Nike +, and write small weekly goals for myself to achieve. These goals I will share with you on the weekly goals tab.

What Can I Do To Help Others Either Get Motivated Or Stay Motivated?
On my Facebook page I post a thought of the day photo, which is usually a motivational quote. I have running boards and motivation boards on Pinterest.  I share my runs on FB too.  I am hoping that this blog will help get some of you motivated to get out there and run with me.  If you have any suggestions or things I can do to help you either get motivated or stay motivated, please leave me comments! I will do what I can!

Happy Running!!


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