Tuesday, 27 March 2012

8am Run

One of my weekly goals is to be out and running, or on my way to the gym by 8am.  Today was day one and I made it out of the door just in time!!

Today's homework run was a 45 min run.  Last night I planned out an 8km route for the morning. 

My run today was 8.04km, and it took me 45:10, average pace of 5'37/km, 520 calories burned, and a battle of the hills.  Slower pace than I would have liked, but I will take it compared to my last 3 runs!!  Today was my first fun since being sick that I did not want or need to "Pause" my workout.  

It felt so good to be able to keep running! I had to stop at some lights, but that doesnt count ;) unless its my excuse for my slower pace. hahaha. I really should not complain. Like I said, today was a battle of the hills. I counted 7 hills in my run, and that doesn't include inclines.  Hills take a lot out of your legs!

I'm not sure if my cold is getting better, or it is my diet change that gave me that extra kick today, but either way I will take it and hope that my runs continue to improve!!  I am really excited for my next run

Happy Running


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