Thursday, 7 January 2016

It's Almost Friday Day!

Yay! I love almost Friday day.  It means tomorrow is Friday, and we all love Friday!  Friday night does not have the same meaning as it did pre-kid.  It no longer means getting dressed up and hitting the town.  Now it means putting on your jammies, crawling into bed, and knowing you do not have to wake up the next morning!  It is beautiful!

As usual, I am already in my bed.  Tonight is different though.  I am not longer allowed to watch TV before bed. For the longest time I had banned TV in the bedroom, but I found myself a little lonely last year, and the TV became my friend.  Of course then I got hooked on Netflix and binge watched a million series.  One of my New Years goals was to watch less TV and read more.  I told myself once I finished my current binge, it was onto books.  I even bought myself a book!  And before you ask, I was not re-binging Gossip Girl, it was worse (the new 90210) LOL!  So there is my dirty secret for the day, I LOVE crappy trashy teeny bopper tv. Hahahahahaha!

Today was a good day though. I tried something new.  I ate breakfast (before I went to work).  I am not much of a morning breakfast eater.  I like my coffee, then I like to eat around 9-10am.  HOWEVER, that does not always seem to fit into my schedule so sometimes I find myself starving!  Today i made a small breakfast, enjoyed it, and did not need a snack until much later in the day!  Yay me.  My goal for next week will be breakfast every day.

REST DAY!  Sticking to my commitment to myself to ease my way back into the workout groove.

FitBit Stats: I am not very good with my steps.  That will be an upcoming goal. One thing at a time!
Steps: 6358 steps 
Distance: 4.6km
Calories 1739
Stairs: 3 floors
Active Minutes: 0 - crazy lazy!

Clean Eating:
Breakfast: scrambled egg with leftover salmon and avocado
Morning Snack: raw veggies, hard boiled egg, macadamia nuts, turkey pepperoni
Lunch: veggie soup with chicken and Franks red hot
Dinner: curried ground pork, avocado, and cauli-fried rice

How Am I Feeling?
I started the day with a massive headache.  I tried to fight through it, but I had to take something at lunch.  It went away and has not bothered me since.  My body is feeling the workouts, but I am not sore.  I am feeling positive about the challenges I have set up for myself!

My computer is about to die, so nighty night!

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