Tuesday, 5 January 2016

21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 2

I survived day 2!  Barely.  LOL.  I really wanted to eat some chips, or some chocolate, or something absolutely delicious.  I was starving when I came home from work, and needed to make some dinner, it was really tough not to snack.  ESPECIALLY when Avery has left over snacks all over the house.  Bah!

I did have a delicious dinner tonight thought :-)

Here is a review of my day:

Today was a rest day, so no active exercise, and I was not even close to my steps on my FitBit.  I went back and forth about whether to exercise today or not.  My brain wanted to, but my body was happy to rest.  I had only committed (to myself) to 3 morning workouts and a long run on sunday.  I figure for my first week I should stick to the plan.  I do not want to over do it this week. I'm just happy that I felt bad about my scheduled rest day.  (I plan on morning workouts Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with a long run on Sunday)

FitBit Stats: not at all acceptable!
Steps: 4990 steps 
Distance: 3.61km
Calories 1695
Stairs: 8 floors
Active Minutes: 0 - WT......?!?!?

Clean Eating:
I think I did pretty well today.
Breakfast: coffee and a hard boiled egg
Morning Snack: raw veggies
Lunch: veggie soup with chicken and Franks red hot
Dinner: taco filling on a bed fried cauli-rice with franks and guacamole

How Am I Feeling?
I am sleepy.  It is 8:00pm and I am already laid in bed, I am absolutely exhausted. Time for lights out!

Sleep Well (I know I will)!

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