Thursday, 11 October 2012

Eat By Design: Day 8 -Week 2!!

Here I am.... starting week 2!!  (red wine free)

When I woke up this morning I weighed myself (on our brand new fancy scale). I am pretty sure it is broken.  Do i really weight that much??  Still?? UGH!  I suppose what "I thought" I weighed could be a little off.  Our old scales were slightly broken and gave you a different weight every time you step on them.  Broken or not broken, I was very disappointed when I weighed myself this morning!

This evening I attended my Life By Design seminar.  I got the results of all my assessments and got to look at the X-Rays of my neck and back.  My poor poor neck.  It sure is a mess.  It should look sort of like the bottom of an "s", but mine is starting to look like the top of the "s."  I will be going to the chiropractor on a regular basis.  My stress and anxiety nerves are being squished.  I'm surprised by this... I never have and stress or anxiety ;-) (sarcasm)


What did I eat today?
breakfast - coffee, egg salsa and banana pepper scramble
lunch - cajun spaghetti, roasted yellow carrots, apple
dinner - cajun spaghetti

How do I feel?
I feel ok.  I enjoyed my meals today, even though i ate the same thing for 2 of them.  I still feel bad that I am never home. It is always one thing or another I am running off to do, leaving my husband and baby to fend for themselves.  I miss them. I want to give them more time, there are just some things I need to do for me, and I have neglected myself for so long!

My biggest Challenge today?
Today was not a particularly challenging day, as far as eating by design goes.  I did have issues with my punctuality, although that is not unusual for me!! LOL

Well that's it for tonight!  Have a good one!!



  1. Joanna-you're doing great! Remember, if this was easy, everyone would do it! Try to focus on the most important WHY of eating by design (this is how the body is designed to be fueled so you can be at your optimal best) vs. just numbers on a scale. There are MANY other factors involved in weight loss than just the food stuff. I'd love to invite you to our Think by Design next Tuesday evening. We talk about the importance of rest, play and love, but also have you address your core values and see if you are really living congruently with what's most important to you in life. It's another important step in Life by Design, and I think one that would be really timely for you right now. In the easy on yourself, keep making those choices that are moving you towards want you want, and understand that this is a process. Keep up the amazing work, and remember how AWESOME you are!

    1. Thank you for your support! I would be interested in the Think by Design; however, next Tuesday is not a good day. Do you have anymore coming up?