Saturday, 13 October 2012

Eat By Design: Day 10

Woop Woop!!  Another Day in the bag.

  I know I say this like it is a big feat on a difficult challenge, LOL, but it is really so easy!!

Today has been a GREAT day!  Crossfit - awesome workout.  I was pretty happy with myself that I did 135lbs for my deadlifts throughout the entire workout. Yay Me!!  

We went to look at 2 homes I have been scoping out on the internet, one flop, one amazing.  Sooooo.... we put in an offer conditional on the sale of our condo in Victoria, AND, after some negotiations, we came to an agreement!!  WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!  Double Yay! So excited, yet nervous and anxious that we lose another house b/c our condo doesnt sell.  

To ice the cake... my Nike Fuel Band finally arrived!! Triple Yay!  The are not available in Canada yet, so I had to order mine on EBay.  I love nifty little toys, so this is just another for the toy box. I'm excited to wear it.  I consider it athletic appropriate jewellery.   if you are curious about the fuel band

So how is my eating by design going? Great!!  How is my no wine rule going? hahaha, i gave myself the night off. I felt like celebrating the hopes of getting my new house ;-)

What did I eat today?
Breakfast - coffee, 1/2 banana
Lunch - bacon, sausage and eggs
Dinner - chicken and carrot, parsnip fries cooked in coconut oil
snacks - pistachios
treats - red wine, dark chocolate

How Do I feel?
Great!  Its been a good day.  I was super excited to find coconut oil at safeway.  I have been sort of looking for it.  I wanted a treat, and felt like eating fries, so I modified them.  I used a healthier oil in a much smaller quantity, and I used parsnips and yellow carrots instead.  They were absolutely delicious!!!  satisfied my cravings!!

What was my biggest challenge?
I wanted to eat junk a little today, so I made it happen.  My ultimate challenge will be ongoing, and that will be keeping my stress and anxiety levels under control waiting for the condo to sell, and hoping that our offer on the perfect house doesnt get bumped.

Another positive note today.... I got a FB message telling me my blog is helping someone on their challenge to cut out grains and dairy.  And a FB post from someone I have motivated to start their own challenge to cut out the refined sugars, processed food and booze!  I am so happy that my rants and raves are making a difference for others.

Hope you all have a wonderful day/night!



  1. You posts are motivating and reminds me that, the athlete is still in there. It is difficult with body aches and pains, but it's important to keep going. Keep up the good work!

  2. The athlete is always in there! Just remember... the aches and pains (as long as not severe) mean you are doing something right! Your working your muscles!! The aches and pains will get better as you muscles get stronger and used to the movement! Keep it up. I love seeing your FB posts of your runs!

  3. Great job, Joanna! You've gotten a few FB messages thanking you for the inspiration, but there are many more people you are connecting with by sharing your real-ness of life. It takes courage to be honest about what's most important and tough in life, and people appreciate-thank you!