Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Eat By Design: Day 6

Almost through week 1!!  
Surprisingly (at least to me) it is not as bad as I thought it would be.  Yes, when I see people eating thick pieces of homemade bread smothered in butter, I want to take a giant bite out of it.  Then I remind myself that I'm stronger than that. I want to really see the benefits of Eating By Design.  So I nibble on on my nuts, fruit, veggies, and tell myself "I can do anything for 30 days!"

What Did I Eat Today?
Breakfast - leftover scramble from yesterdays dinner, coffee
Lunch - roasted veggies and beets, an apple, almonds and cashews
Dinner - roasted veggies, shrimp and salmon 
Treats - :-) red wine of course, and a little dark chocolate (its not very good)

How Do I Feel?
Pretty Good!  I didnt sleep great last night, and struggled to get up this morning, but I wasn't yawning all day long like I usually do after a rough nights sleep.  I am super tired this evening and secretly glad it is not a Crossfit night :-0

What Was My Biggest Challenge?
I overcooked the baby's mac and cheese, and the cheese formed a delicious looking cheese cracker.  I wanted to take a bite out of it so badly. LOL

This evening we bought a scale that actually works.  Now I can track my progress with some numbers.  One of my major goals is to get rid of the last 15lbs of baby weight, so I should be keeping track of it!

Have a great night and happy eating!!



  1. Great job, Joanna! Keep having TONS of protein with each meal. Makes all the difference.