Friday, 27 April 2012

When You Can't Drink Wine.... Eat Cake!!

What is a girl to do when she has had a busy week, started back at work, created some new injuries, and she can't have that cure all glass of wine?!?!  She eats a piece of cake!!!

Why can't I have a glass of wine you might be asking?!?!?  I gave up wine for the week, my big race is on Sunday!!

 Why I would love to have an entire bottle of wine this evening?!?!

Its Friday night!  Good enough reason! LOL

I started back at work!! Although I didn't do anything at work this week, I'm exhausted.   I met with a few people this week, and created my schedule for May.  My days are not very busy just yet, so I am really hoping that things will pick up!  Believe it or not it actually cost me money to go to work this week.

I'm pretty disappointed with the new injury in my calf.  It is not major, but it does hurt, and it has caused me to back off on a few runs.  This is always discouraging when you have a race coming up.  I saw the chiropractor twice this week in hopes of getting me a little more ready for the 10km on Sunday.

Immigration Canada!!  Could you be any slower?!?!  Could you push your dates back any later?!?!  You would think you WANT people working!!

We will think positively, because things will get better, and  when there is no wine to be had, there is always cake, and cake makes me happy!!

Enjoy some cake!!

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