Sunday, 22 April 2012

1st Birthday Cake and Birthday Weekend.... DONE!!

WOW! What a whirlwind of a weekend!!  It was Avery's 1st birthday weekend.  On Friday my little baby girl turned 1!!  Friday night she went to one of her little buddies birthday parties for lunch, and we took her to one of her favorite restaurants for dinner.  So many of my friends came out to celebrate with her. It was lovely.  Today she had her birthday party with the kids at Tumblebums.  All of the kids had a fantastic time.  

So the purpose of today's blog.... to share the cake pictures!!  Avery's birthday theme was Disney's Princess and the Frog.  Her cake used lots of bright colors, and had a few of the characters on the cake.  When I first started thinking about the cake I looked at lots of cake ideas online. Most of them used plastic characters. I really wanted to have a completely edible cake, so I decided to make the characters myself.  They are not great, but it was such a fantastic learning experience.  Some of the characters didnt make it to the cake, but overall, minus the princess, I was really happy with the final product!!

The finished product
The layers of the cake are a variey of sizes and flavors.  The bottom 4 cakes are 6" rounds.  2 Chocolate pound cake with buttercream icing, and 2 red velvet cakes with cream cheese frosting.  The second tier is a 8" square make of white chocolate cake, with white chocolate buttercream frosting.  The 3rd tier and princess are both chocolate pound cake with buttercream frosting.  All absolutely delicious!!!

The recipes for the Chocolate Pound Cake and the White Chocolate Cake were included in my marble cake blog

I am still working on getting my fondant as smooth as it looks in all the cake shows.  I crumb coat was pretty smooth, but I still seem to let lumps in my fondant.  At least this cake didn't have a bulging waistline! LOL

The characters were quite a challenge.  I used a combination of Duff Fondant, and Wilton Gumpaste to make each character.  I found the combination quite gummy and very difficult to work with.  I also noticed that as it starts to dry to cracks quite a bit.  You have to be really quick when working.  Unfortunately my skills are not that great that I can work quickly!!  My characters have a lot of flaws, but I am learning, I think my skills are getting a little better.


Momma Odie
The cake was a big hit at the birthday party.  Everyone loved the work, but it was much better to eat than to look at!!

Happy Baking!!


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