Monday, 23 April 2012

Getting Back Into A Routine!

I don't know about you, but I find my life so much easier when I have a routine!  We have had visitors and chaos for the past few weeks any many of our daily routines have fallen by the wayside.  My diet has disappeared, my exercise routine has dropped of significantly, we have not have a family meal in who knows how long, we haven't had our play dates, and worst of all, I have GAINED weight! YUCK!!  Although it was lovely having all of our guests,  its time to get back into our routine.  

Today is day one of our new routine.  I have to admit we did not start off on the right foot.  I woke up and did not go for my run.  So now my plan is to run later in the day, and that never works out for me.

This week I am also returning to work.  I am starting back at 2 days a week.  So my Tuesday and Thursdays are work days now.  Avery will be spending the days with my friend and her baby BFF, so I am happy with her childcare situation.  I think she will have a wonderful time, I just worry about my friends sanity.  The girls are as bad as each other, DOUBLE trouble!!

The weekly routine.... ( I am sharing my routine with you to help hold me accountable!)

Monday/Wednesday/Friday - Gym day, breakfast with Avery, fun activity with Avery, Nap time (paperwork or cleaning for mommy), fun activity with Avery, Dinner, bath bed, mommy and daddy time

Tuesday/Thursday - running day, breakfast with Avery, work, dinner, bath bed, mommy and daddy time

Saturday - running day - I plan to do my long runs on Saturdays since I will have more time, fun family time!

Sunday - family breakfast, church, fun family time

I think this week will be a little chaotic, but I can get us on track for a good weekly routine. I think the most difficult part will be getting up early and running/working out so i can either work or make the most out of my time with Avery!!

Wish me luck!!

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