Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Suck it Up!!

This is exactly what I did this morning!!!  My alarm went off at 6am this morning.  I turned it off and rolled over and the battle withing my head began.  I can't start back into the weight lifting routine 4 days before my big race, so what the heck is the point of going to the gym if I am not going to work out?  I could just lay in bed and get some rest.  OR I could take a nice relaxing jog to the gym, get in a really good stretch, and jog back home, all for the sake of routine.  OH, but it is raining outside, do I really want to run in the rain?  IF I give up now, the second day in, its going to be soooooo much easier to give up another day!!  So what did I do? I SUCKED IT UP!  I went to the gym, I stretched, did some feather weight lifting just to get my body moving and I ran home.  What a fantastic way to start the day!!

I am making a lifestyle change here.  I often struggle with the motivation to do it, and I often lose it, but I am somehow getting it back.  I will make this a part of my lifestyle. I will make this a habit!!

Suck it Up!!

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