Sunday, 14 July 2013

21DSD: The Proof is in NOT Eating The Pudding....

Yes! You heard me right, the proof is in not eating the pudding?  What does this mean?!?!  It means that I have cut out sugars and made some pretty significant changes! In the first 6 days I lost 5 pounds, 2.75 inches off my belly, 0.5 inches from my hips, and 1.8 inches from my love handles.  I would say that is success!!  The nice part is, the last time I weighed myself, I had maintained the weight loss!! I will weigh in again tomorrow, and take my week 2 measurements.

Has this been easy?  Yes and No.

What Has Been Easy?
- Surprisingly -- not drinking wine.  The have been some tough days with Avery where I would not have minded a glass, but not big deal
- Not eating sweet potatoes.  I have introduced so many other great foods/veggies, that I have not really missed them as much as I thought I would
- not eating all the fruit.  I have not even had my daily dose of fruit, there have been days that I have not eaten any fruit

What Has Been Difficult?
-the energy levels.  I have not felt an uplift in my energy.  In fact, I feel more tired than I ever did before the detox.  Granted I am working out more, but I sitll feel the detox is effecting it.
- work out recovery.  I am finding it much more difficult to recover from my workouts.  My muscles seem to be sore much longer than usual.
- I cant run!!  My runs have really been suffering.  I am sucking wind badly. Doesnt seem like I have enough glycogen stores to get through a 16km run!  I did read somewhere that it really takes 3-6 weeks to become fat adjusted and to stop depending on carbs.

How Do I Feel?
Like CRAP!  LOL.  I am tired and frustrated.  I thought this was supposed to decrease the fatigue, but I feel like it has increased.  I am frustrated because my workouts, specifically my runs are suffering.  I dont want to give up on the challenge, but I really expected better results (energy wise)

On a positive note, I feel great about the weight loss and the size changes. That is one of my big reasons for doing this.  I also feel good about myself for sticking to it. I'm pretty proud of myself for that one.  I am excited for my next weigh in and my next set of measurements.  I am really hoping to see some more progress. I dont expect to have lost another 5lbs and 3 inches, but I would like to see a little change.

Have I Cheated?
Sort of.  I made Avery some gluten free pizza, it used almond flour and tapioca flour.  I did taste the crust, it was DELICIOUS!!  I can not find anywhere in the 21DSD in the manuel that tapioca flour is off limits, but is is questionably paleo, so I would assume its not safe, but OH WELL!! At least now I know now what I want for my treat day when I am done the detox!!!

SORRY I HAVE NOT BEEN UPDATING!! I have been so tired by the end of the day, that I just want to go to sleep, so I do!!

Until next time!!


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