Sunday, 7 July 2013

21DSD: Day 3, 4 & 5

Well I missed updating you on thew past few days, so I thought I would catch up, (although a little prematurely for today, but I'm confident I will stick with it today).

So far so good! I am sticking to the plan!  I think I am kind of in the swing of things now, so it really doesn't seem too bad.  I have to stop myself from finishing Avery's breakfast (paleo fruit/nut muffins and fruit), and I have to stop myself from licking my fingers when making Avery's food, but otherwise I seem to be doing well!!  


What Am I eating?
Breakfast - is usually a left over scramble (meaning dinners left overs are thrown into some scrambled eggs, or if I'm working out in the morning it is a 1/2 green tipped banana and a muffin.

Lunch - if I worked out I have my left over scramble for lunch. If I am running in the evening I like to have some protien and veggies for lunch (i need a dinner meal), if I have no plans I enjoy a salad

Dinner - this varies depending on how much time I have.  If there are left overs, I eat those.  Or I make some combination of protein and veggies.  Last night I made chicken burgers (ground chicken, ginger, garlic, and sun-dried tomatoes) with a portobello mushroom bun, and pan-fried veggies (beets, zucchini, onion and parsnip)

How Am I Feeling?
It's really hard for me to say.  I just got off the antibiotics, I'm not feeling sick anymore, although I have an awful sore throat.

I ran 15km today, and felt much better than I have been on my runs over the last few weeks.  With that said, I crashed towards the end of the run.  Did I crash because I need to eat when I am running, I need to adjust to the diet a little more, or am I not ready to run that far, that fast?  I started biking, and yoga, is that why my legs are tired, or am I missing something I need in my diet?

Something I think I am dealing with is the sugar withdrawl.  I am getting headaches.  Lots of headaches. Not a fun side effect at all, but I does tell me that I was probably eating too much sugar, because my body has become dependent on it. I was a sugar addict!!

Anyways, that's really it for now.  I am going to tough out these headaches, try to get a little more sleep, and make sure I am drinking enough water!!

Still Detoxing,

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