Monday, 12 August 2013

My Summer Project.... Time's Almost Up!!

Wow! How quickly the summer has passed me by.  At the beginning of the summer I has said to myself, and maybe some of my friends... "I am giving myself the summer to shed the last of the baby weight, if I cannot do it over the summer, then I accept it as a scar of motherhood." Well here I am, with less than 3 weeks left of my summer, and the numbers on the scale are nowhere close to my goal. ( I wanted to lose 10lbs and fit into my "skinny" jeans)
I won't  be meeting my goals in the next 3 weeks, that is just not reasonable.  Perhaps my goal was not reasonable in the first place, but it's the one I made and the one I worked towards.

So what did I do to work towards my goal?
1.   Running - I joined the Running Rooms 1/2 marathon clinic, so I have been running 2-3 times per week since April. 

2. Moksha Hot Yoga - I started doing Yoga the first week of summer.  I went once the first week, and gradually built up to going 3 times per week.  I have been attending hot yoga for 6 weeks (although I did not make it to any classes last week)

3.  Crossfit - I started back up at Crossfit.  I began the second week of summer, attending once the first week and building up to 3 times per week.  Since my 1/2 Marathon training is my priority, I have not pushed too hard with the weight training, I really need to be able to run!

4. 21 Day Sugar Detox - I attempted to do a sugar detox.  The results were amazing.  I lost 6lbs during the 2 weeks I was doing it (I have gained 4 back) LOL.  HOWEVER, it was not sustainable for me.  I was having difficulty recovering from my workouts, and was feeling very energy deficient.  My long term goal of my 1/2 marathon kicked the sugar detox to the curb. I will try again in the future.

5.  Paleo - I have continued to eat Paleo (no grains, legumes, sugar, processed food, or dairy).  Its just a lifestyle now, it really doesn't feel like work or that I am going out of my way or missing something at all.

6.  Mrs Vickies - aaaahhhhh my favorite cheat food. LOL. Yes I have given up Mrs Vikies salt and vinegar chips.

7.  Wine - another favorite cheat food.  I have not had a glass of wine all summer long, and quite honestly I do not really miss it.  I have bottle of my favorite fruit wine waiting for me to finish my race.

How did I not meet my goal doing all of the above??
1. I have gained quite a bit of muscle, and generally toned myself up

2. I have lost some inches, just not lbs...  I've toned and tightened up.... Do my skinny "goal" jeans fit yet? I have no idea.... I dont want to try them on. LOL

3.  I am at home, I get kind of bored, so I do suspect that I am doing quite a bit of boredom eating. Its hard to curb that, and kind of hard to distract myself from doing it. LOL

Can anybody else notice a change in me?
I dont think so, or not that I am aware of.  My husband just says whatever he thinks I want to hear.
 We are only at the 6 week mark, so I think I will give it just a little more time.

What's my plan from here?
I am turning my summer project into a life project.

I am returning to work in 2 1/2 weeks, what is my plan of attack? Can I keep my summer schedule going? This is what I keep asking myself day in and day out.  I want to make it work, but how can I?

The Plan
1.  Continue to eat Paleo
2.  Continue with my long runs on Sundays, and run Tuesday/Wednesdays before I pick up Avery from daycare.  I may possibly join some more running clinics. I enjoy them.

3. 6:00am Crossfit classes on Monday/Wednesday/ Friday -- I will shower and leave for work directly from working out YIKES -- although, I am thinking I could come home, shower, and be out of the door on time if I am not distracted

4. 6:30am Yoga class on Tuesday/ Thursday and a Saturday morning class (when it fits in with my husbands work schedule) -- Once again I will be showering and leaving directly for work.

5.  Once I am settled into working full-time again, and my crazy workout schedule I want to try the sugar detox again.

This is a huge commitment to make. This requires a commitment from my husband to be responsible for Avery in the mornings.  It requires a commitment from me to get up every morning. It is a commitment from me to be organized, and meal plan. It requires a mental and physical commitment.  I requires a significant financial commitment too. The commitment terrifies me, but at the same time, I cannot say no to the opportunity right in front of me.
I will try to keep up to date with my blogs, both recipes and how my "life project" is going!  Wish me luck, and why not start your own life project and join me for the ride?!?!


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