Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Another Year - 2013

WOW!  It has been too long... way too long, and here we are at the end of another year.  2013 came and went in the blink of an eye.  It was a good year for us though.... some highlights:

  • we moved into our house
  • Granny and Grandpa visited us - grandpa painted my kitchen wall orange :-)
  • I joined a 1/2 marathon clinic at the RR and met some pretty awesome people - didn't finish the race due to an injury, but what a great experience
  • Avery turned 2 and we were joined with friends and family to celebrate
  • I ran a decent 10km with very little training at the Run Wild
  • I enjoyed a lovely 2 month break over the summer - lots of quality time with my little person
  • I got back into Crossfit and yoga for the summer
  • When I returned to work I joined the 6am Crossfit crew - what an amazing group of people!
  • Participated in my first Crossfit Competition - Fight Gone Bad - I was in the just for fun category, but I sure had a lot of fun :-)
  • Granny came back to visit us - its great to have an extra set of hands
  • Thanksgiving we were lucky to spend with family
  • Spent halloween in Calgary with the family (Avery loves her cousins)
  • Had a fabulous Christmas at home with my family
  • Slept right through the New Year ;-)
Lots of great things happened for me in 2013, and now here we are January 1, 2014.

Am I setting resolutions this year?  Not really, I am making goals for myself to accomplish throughout the year, some what of a bucket list.  What do I want to do this year?  I have broken my goals down into categories

Fitness: I want to improve my overall health and fitness this year - what will do I plan on doing?

  • Clean eating - it is so easy to fall off the wagon, but I really want to limit the treats and not get carried away with them -  I am starting Jan 6 with the 21 day sugar detox to give myself a cleanse and a jumpstart
  • Crossfit - I am committing to 4-5 mornings per week to working out
    • My goal for the year is 3 strict pull-ups :-)
    • I'd also like to learn how to do kipping pull ups
  • Running - I plan to continue my Sunday long runs, and possibly squish one more run in per week.  I am not going for the 1/2 marathon distance, I will focus on 10km to 10miles.
Family: I want to spend more purposeful time with my family.
  • Date Night - my husband and I are committing to at least 1 date night per month, where we go out without Avery.  It doesnt seem like a lot, but with our work schedules it will be enough of a challenge
  • Family Dates - we are commiting to having a family date once per month too.  We do something Avery wants to do with the whole family.  I plan on taking photographs and making a scrapbook with Avery to help her remember some of the things we did
Personal:  There are a few things that I want to do for myself and improve for myself
  • Reading - I want to make more time for myself to sit down with a book
  • Photography - I finally got a DSLR camera.  I want to learn how to use it and learn how to take some good photos!
  • Office - I want to make my office a functional workspace that I enjoy being in!  I have some many crafts and hobbies I enjoy, but I never get them done because my office is such a mess!!
  • My Blog - I would like to write 54 posts this year.  That works out to 1/week, but I could write 7 in a week and not write for 7weeks.  We will see how it works out.  I have had some positive feedback on my blog, so I would really like to keep it updated!
Seems like a big list.  I know there are many more things I would like to try,  like to improve, but I don't want my list to get out of hand.

That's all for now, so stay tuned.  If you are interested in joining my journey on the 21 Day sugar detox send me a message Here is the link to my original post.


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