Thursday, 4 July 2013

21DSD: Day 2 - officially

Well well well.... it's officially day 2 and I did not cave! WOO HOO!!! Yay me!!  Only 19 more days to go, I have this in the bag!

This is one of my goals, this is why I am doing the 21DSD.  I always feel the need to snack on muffins, fruit, and eat chocolate in the evening.  When it is around I eat it, when it isn't - I complain. LOL.  Not that muffins, chocolate, or fruit are bad, I just want to decrease the % it takes up of my diet.  Having gestational diabetes while pregnant with Avery also puts me at high risk for developing diabetes later in life (my Grandma has it so it is in the family).  If I can be proactive, and manage my health with my diet I would much prefer to do so.  (While pregnant I managed the gestational diabetes with diet and some walking.  I was able to do it successfully.)

How was my day?
Pretty good!  I started the morning out with a coffee (with unsweetened almond milk) and headed out to do some hot yoga at Moksha. I have forgotten how challenging hot yoga can be.  I have not practiced in 3 years.  I was soaking wet when I finished, and a little exhausted, but I got to eat the best thing ever when I was finished....
Ok, so maybe it wasn't the best thing ever, it was a little tart... BUT, it was crunchy, juicy and fruit!! I treated myself to a round of IMS then headed home.  I napped when Avery napped, cleaned house, made muffins (sugar free ones!!) and made dinner.  It was a great day!!

What did I eat?
Breakfast - coffee, followed later by a green apple
Lunch - veggie scramble with spicy ketchup (homemade and sugar free)
Dinner - Chipotle chicken with tomatoes, lime and garden fresh cilantro served on shredded veggies with homemade guacamole

Snacks - I taste tested a muffin (21DSD approved), 8oz of coconut water
Carrot Pumpkin Spice Muffins

How Do I Feel?
Hard to say really.  I feel good, but I had a good nap, and did some great yoga.  Took my last round of antibiotics this evening too.  I think by next week I should be able to provide a better judgement on how this is working out for me.  I am starting to feel a little more hydrated, that could be the omission of the wine....

Anyways, That's it for the night, I'm trying to get Avery to bed!!

Night Night!


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