Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Trying To Find A Little Motivation!!

Wow!!  I am really needing a little motivation!!  I am finding it a little too easy to not go to the gym, and not go out on my run the past few days!! 

I know once I get out there I will be fine, the problem is getting out there!  

Monday was gym day. The baby goes to child minding at the gym, so we have no excuses right? Well, it was was easy to not go to the gym, my parents just arrived, the baby went down for her nap, my hip/leg really hurt.... how many more excuses do I need?!?!

Tuesday (today) is long run day.  Had a rough night with the baby, slept in until after 8, it was raining out, I felt a little dehydrated, and my hip/leg still hurt.  I am pretty sure I can come up with a few more if I need to....

The worst part about being unmotivated and not getting out there and working out/running, is I feel bad about it for the rest of the day, so why didn't I just do it??

I am really hoping that I talk myself into my run tomorrow. I know my hip/leg is sore, but it needs a little excercise.  I wont melt if it rains, hopefully, so I have NO excuses!! Oh I hope it is not raining in the morning!!

Happy Running!!


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