Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I Did It! I Ran!

After struggling to find my motivation to run the past few days, I finally got it together!  I didn't do it alone, I had some help, we all need a little help sometimes!  My friend sent me a text message this morning to get me up and running.  Just knowing she was expecting me to get up and run, and she was cheering me on and supporting me, made it that much easier to get my butt out of bed and out of the door.  The sun was also shining, so that helped me out a lot! 

Today's run:
10.01km - 53:02minutes - average pace: 5'18"/km - fastest km: 4'50' - 652 calories burned.

My homework run was supposed to be 55min.  In my head I was hoping I would cover 10km in just over 55min, so my goal for myself was to run 10km.  I was very pleased when I stopped my GPS at 10km and saw I was 2 min under my goal time!  I did not run the route I had planned.  I had already run 5 or 6 hills though out my run, so when I to 9.3km and saw the giant hill in front of my face I took a left, and ran down to the park.  I ran around the park to make up the 10km distance.  I am ok with skipping out on the hills, this time. I feel I did my fair share. I even got up one of the hills faster than somebody next to be on a bicycle! (I really pushed myself on that hill)

Next time.... I will run that last hill, and I will run it hard!!

Still struggling to get out there? Get your friends involved. Post it on FB that you are going for a run. Do something to make yourself accountable!!

Happy Running!


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