Friday, 23 March 2012

Welcome to JoJo's Madhouse!!

Welcome to JoJo's Madhouse!!

A little about myself.... and where my motivation to blog comes from....
First and foremost I am a mommy to a beautiful 11 month old girl.  As my time to return to work approaches I decided to start this blog to track my efforts, and possible failures at doing it all.  Well maybe not it all, but what seems like an awful lot to me!  

Some of the things I am trying to accomplish include:
- Being the best mommy and wife I can be
- Returning to work in 3 weeks
- Training for a 10km race
- Decorating my first wedding cake
- Implementing experimental Friday or Saturday to test out new recipes  - thanks to Pinterest!
- STILL working on losing the last 5-8lbs of baby weight (depending on the day ;-))
- Always baking
- Planning my daughters 1st birthday, and of course the cake, invitations etc
- Expanding my cake decorating skills
- Avoiding housework
- Regaining my once fabulous self and style ;-)
- Getting my job skills up to date

I hope to be able to share some inspiration, recipes, and creative ideas.  I will try to incorporate pictures where possible, and leave all recipes I try out!

Looking forward to the many adventures ahead!!



  1. Joanna - I envy you so much for running that race! It inspires me to get back into running. I am still very active, but mainly do workout DVD's. I think my heart accident back during track, somewhat traumatized me about running alone. Great job, congratulations, and I look forward to following your blog! Kimberly

    1. Hi Kimberly! Thanks for joining me on my adventures! Get your sister (or husband) our there running with you! I really hope i can inspire you, and a few other people to get out there and run with me! jojo

  2. Joanna!! How awesome, glad I found you via Risha's FB! I can't wait to follow your blog! I have one too:

    1. Hi Danielle! Glad you found me too!! I will check your blog out too!!