Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I start again.... I never give up!!

Well here I am again.  Back at it.  I am running again, and this time I am CHOOSING to train for a 1/2 marathon.  Sounds a little crazy, and it probably is, but why the heck not!!

That's better, I am only 1/2 crazy.  The last running group I joined I only made it to 14km, and I probably missed as many runs as I attended.  This time I am doing things differently.  I am starting this time around with a different attitude.  This is something I WANT to do, and something I am choosing to do.  Even though I took 8 weeks off, I still have some running under my belt, so I am starting off in better shape than the first time around.  

WOW!!  21km, 13.1miles.... doesn't sound far to drive, but it sure sounds like a long way when you are going to be running it!! Yikes!  Definitely 1/2 crazy!

This weekend I ran a 10km race.  I am only up to 7km in my training program (week 2), but I figured why not?!?! it was in town, so it made sense.  I was able to run for about 7km, then I was dead and needed a few walk breaks.  finished the race in 52.17 minutes, my goal was under 55 minutes so I really have no complaints, other than it hurt!!  LOL the best part is, It made me excited about racing.  I was looking all last night for another run that will fit in with my training schedule.  Looks like it will be the Canada day 15km, and I'll see what else I can find!

So stay tuned.  I will try to keep you updated on my progress, and some more delicious recipes I plan on trying out to fuel all of this running!!

Happy Running!!


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