Sunday, 30 December 2012

A Not Quite Paleo Christmas

Its been a while! A long while!  For those of you who may have seen the pictures I posted of Christmas dinner on FB, by the sights of the Yorkshire puddings, it was obviously not a very Paleo Christmas for me.

Yorkshire Puddings!
My intentions had been for a complete Paleo Christmas. Then I went to a Christmas party.  A few too many glasses of wine, a few too many espresso vodka's... and I was still not indulging in the treats, until the next day :-0.  The next day I was not "hungover," in fact, I think I may have awoken still buzzing a little, so I just faded all day long.  You know how that goes!!  I did pretty well throughout the day, I had eggs for brunch, but all I could think about was pizza.  I wanted, rather, I needed to eat PIZZA!  After hours and hours of deliberation about whether or not it was ok to eat pizza, my husband (great support) convinced me that it was.  "it's only one day, you've done so well, you deserve a treat!"  So I ordered a pizza with everything I love on pizza.  Bacon, ham, banana peppers, pineapple, we even went as far as to order the hot dog stuffed crust pizza.... gross as it sounds, at the moment it was DELICIOUS!  The next day, I didn't feel horrible, but my belly was certainly not its happy self.

I figured that would be the end of my indulgences.  Then Christmas Eve rolled around.  We were having dinner with family friends, and of course I was bringing my world famous macaroni and cheese.  I had bought some havarti and swiss cheese for the dish, so I just had to sample a little.  Of course at dinner I had some of my deliciousness, it's Christmas after all, and its just a little mac and cheese.  (and if you have ever tasted my mac and cheese, trust me, you would want some too!!! So the downward spiral continued.

Christmas day, I decided it just wasn't Christmas without Yorkshire puddings and stuffing.  YES! I indulged in it all, and some more mac and cheese, because who can really say no to my mac and cheese?!?!  I might have had some ice cream for dessert too :-O

Christmas Dinner
I figured by the next day that my belly was quite uncomfortable, I was bloated, things were not moving on out the way they needed to, that it would be easy to just jump back on the wagon.  Hahahaha! Who was I fooling?!?!  It doesn't help that my husband brought me delicious ice cream from the store, and Mrs Vickies salt and vinegar chips.

Now I find myself bloated, fat (i think i have gained about 500lbs over the past week), uncomfortable, and wondering why I have not had the strength and discipline to get myself back on track?!?!  Truth be known, I think I have enjoyed my "break" from the rules.  I enjoyed all my treats (although not how they made me feel).  I enjoyed not having to constantly remind myself to not sample the food, or lick my fingers, etc., etc.  HOWEVER, all breaks/vacations, must and do come to an end.

SO HERE IS MY END!!  Just kidding, I will get back on track January 1, 2013.  I want to enjoy some champagne to bring in the new year, and possibly some spanikopitas ;-) LOL

Until Next Year! (or possibly tomorrow)


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