Monday, 2 July 2012

10 (good) Excuses


I have to apologize, I have not been a good blogger.  It has been a few weeks, but I do have a good reason why, I promise.

Excuse #1-  We went on a small trip.  We headed to Calgary to visit with my brother.  

Of course the night before the big trip Avery got quite sick.  Stomach bug.  Every time she had a bowel movement in the middle of the night she would cry hysterically and it took quite some time to calm her down.  Being the worried parents we are we rushed her to the ER.  Of course they sent us home and said it was nothing.  The next day we took her to see her own Dr who at least gave her some cream for the diaper rash burn.  ER DR's are USELESS.

Excuse #2 - We headed up to Edmonton and St Albert from Calgary to take care of some paperwork I needed to complete for the new job.  We also took a look at some houses while we were there.

Excuse #3 - We put an offer in on a new house, subject to the sale of our condo.

Excuse #4 - While away our condo officially went on the market

Excuse #5 - on the flight home Avery vomited all over me.  When we got home she started breaking out in another rash all over her arms, legs and feet.  We went to the clinic and they told us she has hand foot and mouth disease. Lovely and extremely contagious!  No work for me for a week, and keeping Avery busy without friends or going to the park! AGH!

Excuse #6 - catching up at work because I took so much time off with the sick baby.

Excuse #7 - I am just exhausted!  

Excuse #8 - I have not been running, which requires a whole bunch of excuses on its own

Excuse # 9 - I have not really been cooking or experimenting at all.  Too much work when the house is supposed to be show ready all day long

Excuse #10 - I am too stressed out to focus.  If we dont sell our condo we dont get our new house :-( with the new mortgage rules in Canada, we also wont qualify for the same mortgage we have been approved for now if we lose the house :-( UGH!!!!!

After all that.....

Keep your fingers crossed for us, and I promise to do some catching up on my blog posts!


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