Friday, 18 May 2012

The numbers are shrinking!!

Woo Hoo!!  The scales are moving in the right direction!! I am struggling soooo much with the last 8lbs of baby weight, oh, and some days the last 15lbs of baby weight!!  The scales are finally moving in the right direction again, and this time I am determined to keep the numbers getting smaller!!  

I see woman with babies much younger than mine, and they look fantastic.  Its so heartbreaking to know how hard I have worked, and how I am still not there!!  I found the following quote, and its true.  Those girls who are back to pre-baby weight in a few weeks are so lucky, but my fight with my weight loss is making very strong. 

I have a constant battle with eating whatever I want, and eating responsibly.  I want to be in my skinny jeans so badly, but I want that piece of cake, I want to go to Red Robin for a sandwich and fries, or KFC for some hot wings once in a while, I want that glass of wine!!

The reality of it all is I can have all those things/treats that I want so badly!  I just have to earn it.  I have to go for a run, or work out, or do enough exercise to incorporate those extra calories in my diet. That is why fighting to be skinny is making me stronger. It is forcing me to do that exercise on the days I am not wanting to get out there.  I will keep fighting!  I will comfortably wear my skinny jeans!!

Keep Fighting!!

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